Meet Lori

Hello, I am Lori Peterson, the founder and owner of Live Pure Products & Live Pure with Lori.

I am an intuitive empowerment guide, meditation coach, Aromatherapist, product creator, Artist, Author, Sacred Space facilitator, and most importantly I am just me in however that needs to express in each moment!

My passion is living and creating from my heart and encouraging others to do the same.

I combine a variety of healing modalities such as Reiki, meditation, shamanic practices, crystal healing, aromatherapy, sound healing,  oracle cards, intuition and my own experience to custom design sessions catered to your individual and evolving needs.

Facilitating Sacred space for group and individual sessions includes empowerment sessions, energetic alchemy, guided relaxation, meditation, Sacred community gatherings, Divine Feminine Connection, Chakra workshops, intuition building, Full and New Moon ceremonies and more!

Creating and helping others is my path! Everything that I do comes from my heart, I love sharing my journey and inspiring others to connect with their heart's truth and live and express from their heart too, to live happier, healthier more empowered lives.

At Live Pure I have been making my very own luxurious natural skin care product line for over  13 years that includes body butters, body balms, lip balms, sugar scrubs, essential oils, lotions and more.  Each and every step of product creation from ordering the raw materials, to small batch manufacturing, and labeling is done in connection to unconditional love frequency.  This energy is infused into each product with the intention for the end purchaser/ user of the product to feel the energy and love that goes into each and every step of it's creation.

I love working with crystals and stones and sell a large selection of stones in the shop. Creating with the stone is also something that fills my heart with joy! I make bracelets, necklaces, do macrame, wire wrapping, Mala's & help people create their own custom creations too!

I love nature and working with and connecting to Mother Earths energy and my own intuition through stone, plant medicine and simply being outside and enjoying the beauty the world has to offer!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me! If you have any questions please email me @ 

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