About Live Pure


Thank you for stopping in to see what we are all about at Live Pure!

Live Pure is  a sacred space where like minded people can come together to share their journey, learn to meditate, feel empowered, develop their intuitive gifts, receive healing sessions and share their gifts with others. 

We retail a vast selection of healing tools such as crystals, smudging products, essential oils, and our very own Live Pure Products!

Owned and operated by Lori Peterson

Lori is passionate about living and creating from the heart & empowering others to take the steps to feel empowered and live their best lives! We are all amazing manifestors, learning how to become a conscious creator of your own life is the most incredible gift you can give yourself! 

"I use a variety of modalities and my intuition to create customized sessions and products for each client.  I hold space for wherever you are at on your journey and provide insight, guidance and ways to move through whatever you are experiencing."

You can experience individual self growth sessions or join for our many group sessions hosted at Live Pure such as guided relaxation, meditation, Sacred Feminine Connection, Sacred Community Gatherings and workshops including Understanding the Chakra system, intuitive development and more!

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Email: info@livepureproducts.com