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Photo Credit: Chris Ashfield

August 26th 2020

Yesterday a very close encounter with a BALD EAGLE backed by the most incredibly beautiful turbulent skies as a back drop. I sat and took pictures on my phone, videos, gave an offering as an a expression of gratitude for the encounter and he just sat and observed.

I asked if there was any messaging, it clearly came through to take a very good look at your surroundings, take a good look at all that is around you, don’t miss any details.

Be the observer sitting poised until the timing is just right, then make your move, strike with precision, grace and power. All you desire is available to you.  What is meant for you comes to you if you allow, there is no need to seek. Watch observe and wait until the timing and conditions are right using your skill and perfection to get what you want.

The sunset that painted the sky as I carried on home was breathtaking, it encircled the entire sky, painted with miracles colours, filled with divine feminine goddess dragon energy. Dragon encompasses the Sophia energy, Christ consciousness, divine feminine essence. Tremendous heart opening and tuning deeper into our senses is called for at this time.

Today an amazing conversation with an great friend, we were discussing the energy that we have been navigating. I was sharing my experience with the eagle from the night before, detailing how I have been feeling old financial struggle stories coming in and how our stability and structure has been affected through the uncertain times within our current world.

I have been so guided to follow my heart and Spirit has aligned all along to show me how to sustain, I expressed that there is an awareness around trust for me and truly trusting, others & myself. It has seemed clear to me over the past couple of weeks that a career change may be in order. I am allowing the situations and feelings to come and not attaching to any of it, awaiting guidance from Spirit and trusting that I will be shown as I am meant to be.

WE covered a lot of ground as we always do in our conversations, I shared with her the messaging from the eagle and she said they are clearly connecting with you and I agreed. We laughed because I am strongly bird connected and I shared with her that I have been shit on 5 times by birds in my life and once it was by a pelican!!! She said it is supposed to be good luck and I laughed how lucky I have been!

We then went on to discuss my garden and these giant sunflowers in my yard! They are over 10 feet tall! I said I planted them on time and they have invested so much time and energy in getting tall that I don’t know if they will produce flowers. I exclaimed, well there is still enough time in the season for them to flower and seed, I just have to have patience.
 I shit you not, I had just gotten the words out of my mouth and … A bald eagle flew low over my house!!!  I was on video chat with her so I turned the camera around so she could see, my son was outside with me so I told him to look and it circled back around over my house nice and low. I teared up, my heart was beating so fast. It circled as I watched in awe knowing how blessed I am!

I feel so full of gratitude for the amazing encounters I have been able to witness along my journey! Spirit clearly speaks to me, the more I tune in and listen, the more I am able to witness.

I told her as I watched it soar up into the clouds with my hand over my heart that I need to go and sit with this messaging, and really listen, this is my second close encounter in 2 days! This second encounter in town! I have many amazing encounters, but usually on a farm or out in the country!

The messaging that came through was:
Soar, fly, observe, pay attention, soar to new heights to gain an even bigger picture of all that is available to you. You are a reflection of the beauty you see within me, you are an incredible being of beauty and grace – Divine Essence of all that is!
The symbolism of what we were discussing about the seeds I had planted and watching them grow, then the eagle coming in at that exact moment, telling me to soar to new heights and take a good look at all I have around me.
The seeds are planted, the growth has been tremendous, now rise above and see the bigger picture. Rise further and see all that you have created from a perspective from above. See the magic and divinity in all of it, soar with ease, beauty, grace and strength. Have patience, all comes in divine timing.

Photo Credit: Chris Ashfield

I messaged another friend to share the magic of the experience and I was saying Spirit is speaking loud and clear, I better pay attention – she replied yes you better! This was about 10 minutes after the 1st encounter and as she replied the eagle soared over head once more!

CONFIRMATION! CONNECTION! PAY ATTENTION!  All that you want, wants you too! 

Feeling the blessings, beauty and fascination with the magic of all of it, knowing how blessed I am and flowing in the excitement in my heart, a monarch butterfly fluttered past!

MONARCH SAYS: I am a reminder of the gentle, joyous rhythm of hearts fluttering, dance, flow, create.

I walked out  into my yard to do an offering to the animals, and Spirit, I looked up to see a Dove perched with a reed in her mouth.
DOVE: This is a powerfully intuitive time, express love to everyone and everything, nurture yourself! A symbol of unconditional love and the Divine feminine essence!

Today I tune deeper into trust, I remember a vision I have had for a very long time of bringing these readings and my experiences to life and sharing through one of my greatest passions, writing!

I want to hear from you,  Would you would like to experience more of these interpretations and how it has connected/resonated for you?

My goal is to be able to share my work on a larger scale in group settings, and I would love some input of how you would most enjoy these readings?

Would you subscribe for a monthly fee to receive these weekly posts blog posts only available to members?

A private group for members to interact & receive the readings?  

I value all feedback & look forward to delivering more hear interpretations soon!

Thank you for experiencing the 1st edition of EARTH SPIRIT HEART INTERPRETATIONS – by Lori Peterson


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