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Inspirational Sharing from the Heart

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Hi Lori, I just want to say thank you for your kindness, wisdom, knowledge, your energy, your smile, creativity, helpfulness, warmth, bravery, thoughtfulness. Writing down all these words reminds me of our evening group sessions, where we played the game of sitting in the middle and everybody directing positive thoughts our way, and I know there are a lot more words I could say about you.

Coming from another country is always difficult and exciting but having a group of people that are like-minded and allow you to join their group, makes a big difference and very special.

Wishing you every success in your new adventure, looking forward to reading your book.

You will have to come to Scotland and do a workshop. Say hi to everybody for me, Pearl xx.


Lori holds a magical space for healing and transformation. I have been blessed enough to attend many of the meditations and processes Lori has offered!

She fearlessly shares her depth of wisdom from her past and present experiences that would always resonate with experiences I had in my own life! 

Lori’s heart-led guided meditations and processes would always show me a vision or some insight for moving forward. Everything she does is from a heart-centred place, which is reflected in her work and creations! I feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of Lori’s journey! 

You’re amazing, my dear Lori, and I knew it the first time we met! I’ve been witness to you facing your deepest, darkest traumas and fears, shining your light into the spaces that were so uncomfortable. The courage and strength it took to go to those depths you dove! You embraced them with so much love and self-compassion they dissolved, and your illumination is palpable! Any opportunity for anyone to work with you in any capacity is an opportunity to unleash their own infinite potential and an extraordinary blessing. I love you!

Tami Dovell

The Live Pure Brand started with a dream in 2008 and has evolved and grown, bringing you creations and services inspired directly from the heart. Hand crafted natural skin care products, crystal jewelry, empowerment sessions, inspired creative writing and more!

Looking for something for someone special? Unique hand crafted jewelry and skin care products are the perfect choice!

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